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Markets on a mellow Saturday

The local fresh food markets are on the first and third Saturday of the month in my town. The stalls are clustered on the lawn just across from the riverbank, and there is a heady mix of fresh produce including fruit and veg, saltbush lamb, yabbies, eggs and honey as well as cakes, preserved olives and plants. There are coffee carts and a pancake trailer, and another stall cooks egg and bacon rolls.

People wandered about, buying bags of potatoes and oranges (just in season, sweet and juicy), and chatting away. Some sat at the chairs and tables, others on the ground watching the passing parade. The bittersweet scent of coffee and fresh pancakes wafted through the air.

When the sun was scattered by clouds and an icy wind picked up, the crowd began to thin out. People hunkered down, necks compressing into coats and scarves, planning escape to somewhere with a bit of protection.

I bought a small bag of apples for cooking, a bunch of spinach, a jar of pistachio mustard (will be lovely on cold meat) and some lavender cream.

Then off to a cafe lunch with a friend, sitting in the warmth and chatting. A very mellow start to the weekend.