It was inevitable that I would start meditating after moving to the mountains. I had tinkered with it before, mainly with a lighted candle and a sense of wrestling with the many, many monkeys that live in my mind. Meditation retreats are in plentiful supply in the mountains with the solitude and stunning scenery providing a perfect backdrop and a sense of tranquility to enhance the meditation experience.

There are several meditation retreats in my village but I ended up stumbling across a form of meditation that I could fit into my everyday life. I had tried several meditation apps with varying degrees of success. Then a review of the Headspace app in The Guide (Sydney Morning Herald) at the right time got me started.

It was one of those times in life when the convergence of several external factors beyond my control meant that I was both more receptive to the idea, and it had a more profound impact on my life than it otherwise might have done. It took a little while for it to become a daily habit, but I was surprised at the impact that it had on my life in a relatively short period of time. Situations that would have previously sent me off on a rant or muttering obscenities no longer bothered me quite as much. I found that spending even a brief period of time meditating on a daily basis helped me to build resilience which had been seriously eroded.

I simply felt better.

I know that it is worth the minimal time invested for the returns that I get, in all sorts of areas of my life.

What do you do to unwind?