At the start of this alphabetical quest, I knew that there would be some letters which might be a bit more challenging than others. K, Q and V seemed to be the likely suspects. Here are a couple of things that I’ve spotted in the K space recently.

Kangaroo spotted at Hill End


I have a bit of a thing for look outs. When I’m travelling through somewhere unfamiliar and there is a sign for a look out, I usually take the detour, curious to see whatever is regarded as a local scenic spot. Hill End is an old gold rush town, now under the care of the National Parks of NSW. It is a trip back in time and has been a favourite spot for artists over the decades. On an unsealed road up to a look out, we came across this kangaroo who wasn’t thrilled with the interruption.

Katoomba Views

Katoomba Views

Living in the mountains does make the K challenge a little easier. This photo was taken from the viewing platform at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. I love the expanse of sky and the unfolding mountain views in the distance. Katoomba is an interesting town, and many of the shop fronts along the creatively titled Katoomba Street are worthy of photographic or artistic recording, especially some of the art deco style shop fronts. There are lots of quirky shops, too.

Kookaburra on the fence


Kookaburras are one of my favourite birds. I love to hear them laughing in a noisy, boisterous group. It is one of the best sounds I know. They aren’t large birds, and I’m often surprised at how compact and sturdy they are, with solid little bodies. At times they look a bit ruffled, like this one, as if just woken from a nap.


Koru, New Zealand


I brought this gorgeous glass koru back from a trip to the North Island of New Zealand. I was travelling around the beautiful Coromandel coast when I started to see them all over the place, in various colours and made of different materials. I love the glass, as green is my favourite colour, and it sits on my kitchen windowsill, catching the light. It represents the unfurling new growth of a fern frond, symbolising new life, growth, strength and peace.

Have you spotted anything beginning with K lately?