My I Spy: something beginning with ‘R’

It feels like the end of this alphabetical quest is approaching, although there is still quite a bit of spying to be done. After the challenge of Q, spying for R felt like being spoilt for choice. This is what I came across.




When I was growing up the record player was usually kept in a small, glassed-in room at the front of the house. It was a treat to be let loose and to be able to play from a selection of records, albums and singles such as these. There was an art to song selection, the careful alignment of needle and track. Rough handling led to scratches, the song lurching forward or being stuck in a groove. This stash of singles was spotted at an op shop. By chance, Racey was at the front with ‘Some Girls‘.




Not a huge leap, really, from records to radio. I like to have music on, especially when cooking or cleaning up. This radio picks up my local station and due to a mix of programs there is an element of surprise as to whether it will be a local program or something on a broader community network. I love the quirkiness of some of the shows, and the ease with which you can keep in touch with local news and events. It helps me to feel connected.




On a dull day the magenta flash of rosella wings provide a jolt of colour, irresistibly drawing the eye. There are variants of the rosella across Australia with deviations in plumage and shape. The birds were originally named after the locality of Rose Hill (near Parramatta). But rosella is also the name given to a native shrub or small tree which bears fruit. It is used in jams which may create a degree of confusion if you (like me) mentally associate the word with a beautiful bird. The fruit can also be used in tea, syrup or cordial.

Red hat at Leura

Red hat at Leura

Red Hat

I spotted this beautiful felt hat many moons ago when I spent a weekend in the mountains to see if it could be somewhere that I could call home. It was in one of the boutique shops in Leura Mall, a popular stroll for tourists. I love the shape of it.

Rhino at Cowra

Rhino at Japanese Gardens, Cowra


This brightly painted chap was visiting the Japanese gardens at Cowra when I spied him. Rather than looking incongruous he seemed to fit right in with the spring blossoms.

Have you spotted anything riveting beginning with R lately? Keep an eye on Autumn‘s excellent spying here, and is posting alphabet inspired posts on Instagram. Now I’m off to spy something beginning with S.


9 thoughts on “My I Spy: something beginning with ‘R’

    • You were lucky! For me records are evocative, from the small records that came with some books for kids – there used to be a ding when you needed to turn the page – to the silly joy of playing records at the wrong speed, too fast or too slow. Even the feel of vinyl. It is interesting to see record players making a comeback of sorts. What a contrast to listen to an album from start to finish, rather than the frenetic shuffling of iPods and the like. And I’m glad you liked the rosella, they always make me smile 😊.

  1. I could respond in report form to each one of your wonderful ‘R’ posts. Is that your radio? I love it. The link to Blue Mountain radio was a treat and, for a moment, I imagined myself there. Then I thought I was going to listen to something new – ?Racey? Not heard of them…. then the mega fan blew his hair and he began “some girls, do, some girls don’t” and I sang along 🎤. I hadn’t forgotten. Reading your Rs – the perfect way to rev up my day.

    • I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. Like you, I’d managed to almost forget Racey until the music started. I love the blue suits, white belts & shoes, the dancing – there is something joyous (and silly) about it. And yes, the radio is mine. It sits on my study desk and keeps me humming along 😊

    • Thank you, Gail. Records are definitely making a comeback – I’ve seen quite a few in Christmas catalogues. There is nothing quite like the quality and depth of sound on a record.

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