My I Spy: something beginning with ‘U’

Until this point of time, it is fair to say, I haven’t given much thought to things beginning with U. Obvious suspects include umbrellas, unicorns and unicycles. They were selling unicycles for Christmas at Aldi recently, but that seemed too easy. This is what I’ve spied instead.

Underground transport, Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park
Underground Mine Carriers

This was spotted at the Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park, which I visited earlier this year. This living museum offers insights into what the working life of miners is like, as well as working conditions for miners a century and more ago. These underground mine carriers were used locally and further afield. They are on display in the old bath house on the site.

Unadorned Christmas Tree
Unadorned Christmas Tree

This large tree was spotted in front of a church, apparently unadorned.  Closer inspection revealed discrete lights to illuminate it at night, but during the day it seemed striking in its simple state.

Unusual trinket
Unusual trinket

Spied this funny little tourist trinket at an op shop – I love the purple tuft of hair. It makes me smile.

Unusual parrot
Unusual parrot
And whilst I’m on the subject, this garden ornament was also worth including.

Fish near Heron Island
Fish near Heron Island

I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days on Heron Island at the start of the year. This photo was taken whilst on a short trip on a submersible boat. It is hard to express the childlike delight that overwhelmed me as we chugged along with a tinted view of the coral reef. These fish were just as curious to see what we were up to, and it was incredible to watch the manta rays, turtles, and schools of brilliantly coloured fish sweep by as they navigated their way through the reef.

The best word I’ve read this week starting with U is uxorious, which means being excessively or foolishly fond of one’s wife, overly doting.

Have you spotted anything unusual beginning with U this week? Check out what Autumn has spied here, as well as on Instagram.

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