Autumnal Thoughts

Autumn is a particularly beautiful time in the Blue Mountains with many trees putting on a spectacular show of colours.


Excerpt from the poem Autumn by Kate Llewellyn:

… but autumn prefers me,


longing for what has gone

dreading the cold to come.


Soon the leaves will fall and the colourful carpets will crunch underfoot.


What is autumn like in your part of the world?

8 thoughts on “Autumnal Thoughts

  1. Gorgeous photos! And a lovely reminder that while I might be enjoying the advent of spring—finally—after a very long, cold, wet winter, in other parts of the globe, you are enjoying a very different and also beautiful seasonal transition. Greetings from Seattle, WA, USA, where spring has come at last!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, and I hope you are celebrating the arrival of spring – such a joy when winter finally steps aside and there is so much to see and savour. I so enjoy the change of seasons; they all have their moments of wonder. Thanks for stopping by 🍂


  2. Beautiful photos. Autumn is also a beautiful time in Lincolnshire, but here it is spring and there is blossom on the trees an and the fields of Oilseed Rape are blooming bright yellow.

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