In Anticipation of Spring

There are signs of spring throughout the Blue Mountains, even in the upper mountains which is usually a bit late to the party. Bright swathes of wattle provide flashes of yellow to draw the eye, and there are bulbs erupting in masses of colour.

A particular favourite of mine are the flowering trees. Some of the ornamental fruit trees have started to flower in my neighbourhood, bristling with pink flowers that are heavenly to walk by. There is a large magnolia tree adorned with buds, some already starting to reveal the creamy flowers contained within.

Wandering around my garden I can spot bulbs that are thickening and preparing to put on a display of colour and scent. Daisy shrubs and roses are showing spurts of growth, and rhododendron shrubs and trees are suddenly heavy with buds.

One of my favourite springtime experiences is a cherry tree that I can see from my kitchen window. In early autumn I watched the leaves as they curled and fell, and now the bare branches are beginning to be tickled by buds, bright fluffs of green that over the next couple of months will morph into delicate white and pink flowers which have a beautiful scent. It is a glorious explosion to delight the senses, and it has come to epitomise some of the joys of spring for me each year.

I await these gradual changes with a keen sense of anticipation.

What seasonal changes are you looking forward to in your garden?

[Photo: buds on the cherry tree]

5 thoughts on “In Anticipation of Spring

  1. Nice post! It’s lovely to be reminded of spring. Here in my part of the world (Seattle, Washington, USA), we are just getting a welcome break from a lengthy heat spell. The flowers and vegetables in our garden are mostly past their peak (except the tomatoes, we are finally getting ripe tomatoes). It’s too early for the fall colors, but some trees are beginning to drop leaves because it’s been so dry. We probably have one month more of summer weather before autumn takes over. The magical thing about the seasons is that usually when each comes I am looking forward to it and never lament the one that’s fading away.

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    1. Beautifully put, Donna, and thank you for sharing a glimpse of your garden. I can just about smell the ripening tomatoes with their wonderful scent. There is something comforting about seasons, even if they don’t always contain themselves to their defined dates. And as you note, they are usually welcomed upon arrival. Thank you for your response 😊


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