On the Joys of Napping

I love to nap. I donโ€™t nap every day, which is part of the pleasure of it. Some days there is no time to rest. But on other days, naps are necessary. A small pocket of time is all that you need for a bit of shut-eye.

A quick nap can be rejuvenating. It can provide a second burst of energy for powering on through the rest of the day. Naps can provide a bit of space for unconscious or subconscious problem-solving. Naps provide a brief reprieve from activity and the chance to stop and regroup.

But, besides all that, naps are divine. From snuggling under a blanket to simply closing your eyes, naps offer a brief reprieve. A moment of rest. There is comfort in stopping for a short while.

As with many things, there is a mixture of opinions about the benefits of napping. Naps are beneficial if they are short, and they shouldn’t be a replacement for sleep.

I love to nap with my dog. He tucks in behind my legs and keeps me snug as we rest. Sometimes I’m ready to get up before he is. Other times I’m guided by him and accept that a bit more sleep might be beneficial, thanks for the suggestion. He is seldom wrong.

I’d write more but I’m yawning. Must be time for a little nap.

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13 thoughts on “On the Joys of Napping

  1. What 10 cups of coffee could never do for me, a power nap of mere 5 to 10 minutes accomplished a complete recharge of my internal battery. I agree anything longer than that is not a nap. Happy nap time, my friend!

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  2. On the Joys of Napping

    I do love a quick nap, don’t get to enjoy a nap as often as I would like to which makes a nap a luxury.

    I believe, if I work long hours most of the week and I get a precious day off, do the washing, shopping and tidying of my house then, after lunch I can have a nap for an hour, usually no longer, guilt free. Nothing wrong with a nap !

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  3. You are so right. Just yesterday I finished a project in the bathroom that I’ve been putting off for a year. But not before a little nap. Somewhere the insight came to me on how to finish it. Thanks for reminding me what an earthy pleasure a nap can be.

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    1. Thank you, Bill. Well done on finishing that bathroom project and it seems only right that it the solution was helped along by a nap ๐Ÿ˜Š


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