Street Art Walk Katoomba

Beverly Place is located off Waratah Street in Katoomba. This area consists of rear entrances to commercial buildings on Katoomba Street. It would be unremarkable except for the array of street art that has been created here in recent years.

Street Art Walk Katoomba
Beverly Place, Katoomba


The idea to use this space for an outdoor gallery was floated in 2013. A period of extensive fundraising followed, along with negotiations with key stakeholders and local council in order to have permission granted for the creative use of the area by street artists.

Street Art Walk Katoomba
Street Art Walk Katoomba

Street Art Murals Australia (SAMA) worked in conjunction with the Blue Mountains City Council, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, the University of Western Sydney and stakeholders in Beverly Place in order to make the space available.

Street Art Walk Katoomba
Street Art Walk Katoomba

There is more information available here, along with background on how it came about here. You can watch a short clip on the artworks being created too – it is amazing to see the murals come to life.

Street Art Walk Katoomba
Street Art Walk Katoomba

This initiative has transformed a utilitarian space into something extraordinary and is well worth a visit.

Is there street art in your neighbourhood? And a special thanks to Cindy Knoke for her amazing posts about open air art murals in Valparaiso, Chile, which reminded me of the murals in Katoomba.

[Photo: detail from one of the murals in Beverly Place, Katoomba]

12 thoughts on “Street Art Walk Katoomba

  1. I do agree street art does make the neighborhood more interesting. I have found myself using it often as a landmark to find near by business ๐Ÿ™‚


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