Lately I have been thinking about the impact some blog posts have had on my life. This may sound like a big claim, but there have been many nudges provided by various posts that I have read. The quality of the writing of these blogs keep me engaged as a reader and make me think of things anew.

There are some blogs that I have been following since I started blogging, and others that I’ve discovered along the way. One of the enduring pleasures of blogging is the sense of community amongst fellow bloggers and readers. In this virtual community, I’ve received so much encouragement and inspiration that has enriched me on various levels.

Earlier this year there was a post by Evelyn Krieger which featured an interview with Julie Scolnik, artistic director of chamber music group Mistral. They allow time during the concert to engage with their audience and talk about the music that has been performed. I have been enjoying classical music for years, and it has been more important to me in the last year or so. After reading this post, it occurred to me that I should make an effort to see some live music. When I saw a concert featuring Elgar’s Enigma Variations, I organised tickets. The concert was amazing and I’m off to another one shortly. Evelyn’s post gave me a gentle nudge just when I needed it and the concert has been one of my highlights of the year.

Another growing interest for me is nature photography. This was inevitable as there is an abundance of natural delights in the Blue Mountains. The art of focusing on specific elements or themes was brought to life for me by Peter Klopp’s magnificent photos of the Arrow Lake district in British Columbia, Canada. Seeing his carefully compiled photos are a delight, and his writing is so vivid it feels as though you are walking – or in some cases canoeing – right alongside him. A joy.

Nature photography drew me in to Vicki’s Living in Nature blog, with her amazing collection of bird photos. These include glimpses of birds exploring her balcony gardening patch. Birds also feature frequently in the blog posts of Cindy Knoke, along with incredible photos from around the world.

Another favourite are the movie reviews by Moviejoltz. I don’t see many movies but I enjoy the overviews and critiques provided. But what I also like are the short pieces leading into the reviews, giving interesting examples of life experiences which tie into the movie.

These are just a few of the blogs that brighten my world and expand my mind. What blogs capture your imagination?

[Photo: daisies after the rain]