Between the shores of Lake Burley Griffin and the National Gallery of Australia is a sculpture garden, designed to showcase the extensive collection of sculpture belonging to the Gallery. I have included a few of the sculptures below.

La Montagne (The Mountain) by Aristide Maillol

It is a beautiful space, offering a variety of sculptures arranged in different ‘outside rooms’.

The Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin

The artwork includes Australian and international artists across a range of styles.

Cones by Bert Flugelman

The artwork is placed between native plantings selected to survive the extremes in Canberra’s climate.

Penelope by Emile Bourdelle

One of my favourite pieces was Penelope by Emile Bourdelle. Her thoughtful gaze was directed towards the lake.

Tiwi People by various artists

You can find out more about the Sculpture Garden here.

Angel of the North (life-size maquette) by Antony Gormley

Have you encountered any stunning sculptures lately?

[Photo: a glimpse of some of the sculptures in the garden]