Seagulls: ordinary or extraordinary?

Seagulls are a familiar bird in many locations. Associated with water, they are also found in cities, suburbs and towns – anywhere where there is a chance of a feed.

Familiarity can make it easy to overlook seagulls. But they can be interesting in their own way. Here are some seagulls I’ve spotted in my travels.

Seagulls on Parramatta River, Newington
Seagulls on Parramatta River, Newington

It was no surprise to see seagulls clustered along the banks of the Parramatta River at Newington. There seemed to be some sort of pecking order in place in regard to pole allocation. This is one of my favourite recent photos.

An expectant seagull, Docklands
An expectant seagull, Docklands

A brief lunch at Docklands in Melbourne was a chance for me to gather my thoughts. I wasn’t alone for long as a pair of seagulls took great interest in my food. They fended off any other birds who dared to encroach into their invisible boundary. This was one of the pair, looking expectant.

Squawking seagulls on Parramatta River, Putney

It is hard to think of seagulls without hearing their squabbling squawks and shrieks of outrage. This pair seen along the Parramatta River at Putney were vocal.

Seagull on Myall Lakes
Seagull on Myall Lakes

There were so many beautiful birds around the Myall Lakes area, and the water was so clear that this seagull could enjoy its own reflection if it wanted to.

Crested terns and silver gulls, Newcastle
Crested terns and silver gulls, Newcastle

And seagulls don’t mind mingling with other birds. This shot includes crested terns along with seagulls, enjoying the beach at Newcastle.

When was the last time you noticed something extraordinary in the ordinary?

{Photo: seagull in flight along the Parramatta River}

8 thoughts on “Seagulls: ordinary or extraordinary?

  1. Even though gulls are very common, they have their unique characteristics and show a certain likeness to us, humans, in their greed and possessiveness. I like your photos very much, especially the one with the reflection.

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  2. I love your pictures of the gulls. They always fascinate me and when I have my camera, I don’t stop shooting till the last one flies away. I have a sign hanging in my kitchen with a picture of a seagull on it with a simple message. “I shall be happier today than a seagull with a French fry.” It’s a good reminder to always stay positive. You do some really nice pieces.

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    1. Hi Bill, thank you for your feedback and what a great motto that is! Seagulls are hard to ignore and always seem to know what they want, especially when it comes to food. One of my favourite photos is of a single seagull in flight. There is such beauty in birds, even the ones that are so common it can be easy not to ‘see’ them.
      I really enjoy your posts too – I was sharing some of the Christmas traditions that you wrote about recently. You bring such an interesting perspective to everything that you write about 😊

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