Day 10: Orchestrate

I was listening to the radio yesterday as I was shifting furniture about and sorting books. In the background I could hear Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5. It is nicknamed the Emperor Concerto and was the last piano concerto that Beethoven composed.

The second movement captured my attention and I had to take a moment to sit and let the music curl around me, exquisite and beautiful.

At the time it was written, Vienna was under siege and Beethoven noted the misery and mayhem that surrounded him. This only makes the intricate beauty of the work more astonishing.

There is an overview of the piece here, and a more detailed assessment along with links to the full performance here.

If I was to select a piece of music that always fill me with joy, I would choose Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. From the opening bars as the clarinet glissando sweeps up towards the stars, it is a delight. Across the years it remains one of my favourite pieces of music, full of dynamism, melodic thrills and shifting tempos. There is a review of the work here which includes a segment with George Gershwin himself playing the piano.

One of my relatively recent favourite pieces is also by Beethoven. It is the Overture to Egmont Opus 84, and I was lucky enough to see it played live by the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra last year. It has become a piece of music that I turn to when I need something invigorating, and you can see their performance of it here. I love the triumphant finish – it gets me every time.

What music moves you?

Inspired by Discover Prompts – April writing prompts

[Photo: instruments waiting for the concert to being – Willoughby Symphony Orchestra]

11 thoughts on “Day 10: Orchestrate

    1. Oh, how I love that you have a playlist with 20 versions of the allegro! Different performances bring variations in interpretation, and it is wonderful that this piece is so uplifting for you. I’m adding it to my good mood playlist right now! Thank you for the tip 😊


  1. I also love Rapsody in Blues. When I was bendy enough (many, many) years ago, I chose that as the piece of music to accompany my Gymnastic floor piece.

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    1. That’s fantastic, and what a piece to work with! It is a wonderful piece of music and thank you for adding a new element to my affection for it 😊


    1. Thank you, Donna, and I love your selection. I’ve added them to my music playlist – I am familiar with Finlandia but not much more of Sibelius and now seems like a great time to rectify that. And I like the contrast of Jimmy Buffet so I’ll be listening out for him too 😊

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  2. You seem like an intelligent listener. I would have liked to cultivate a flavour of passion like you’ve got for music. I have just been reading your April posts, given that you’re interested in the Discover Prompts 🙂

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