Change is the only constant. It was one of her Mum’s favourite sayings, along with a strong belief that your destiny is in your hands. When Indigo found a new role model, which happened regularly, her Mum asked her questions about what it was that had appealed to her about this particular person. Was it to do with the way that they behaved, or the way they expressed themselves? What were the causes that they were passionate about?

Her Mum not only asked the questions, but listened to her answers. Amid the noise and activity of everyday life, her Mum made the time to understand the people that Indigo was drawn towards. Some of these were passing fads, and over time Indigo found herself thinking deeper on what it was that attracted her interest in others.

From people who were having an impact on a global level, through to people in Indigo’s neighbourhood who took on volunteer roles to benefit the wider community, Indigo absorbed knowledge and techniques used to make changes. When the time was right, she would be equipped to act on issues close to her heart.

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Photo: three wise owls