On this day each year across Australia and New Zealand, Anzac Day is observed. War memorials become the focus point for the dawn services and marches which commemorate the people who served in and died as a result of war. There is a wide range of war memorials across the country, from simple plaques to monuments on grander scales. Here are some that I’ve seen in regional towns and cities in New South Wales.

The Albury & District War Memorial is located on Monument Hill. From here, there are panoramic views of Albury and beyond, along with walking tracks including a straight path to the centre of Albury. The monument commemorates those from Albury and surrounding districts who died in service or were killed in action during World War I.

Located in Albury Street, Murrumburrah, is a life-size bronze sculpture of a war horse. The horse had a difficult disposition, and was nearly left behind in Australia. When he arrived in Egypt, he was given the nickname of ‘Bill the Bastard’ and was put to work as a packhorse at Gallipoli. You can read more of his contribution and heroic efforts which saved many lives here, including carrying five men from no man’s land at the Battle of Romani. The Light Horse Troop was formed in Murrumburrah in 1897. There were approximately 160,000 Australian horses that served in World War I, with only one, known as Sandy, returning home.

The unusual design of the Boorowa War Memorial, with a meeting room and the clock tower above, catches the eye. It was unveiled on Anzac Day 1933, and listed the names of the 345 servicemen and women from Boorowa and District who served with distinction in World War I. Instead of numbers on the clock, ANZAC is listed twice with an ornate marker at 3 and 9.

There are a number of memorials in Young, including the Soldiers Memorial Tower. It honours those who have served in various conflicts in which Australia has been involved, and was originally erected to commemorate people from the district who served in World War I.

Opposite the Moree War Memorial Hall is the above mural, portraying a variety of images on the theme of Anzacs. The mural was created by artist Tim Bowtell, and serves as a tribute to all past and present defence personnel.

Have you seen war memorials in your travels?

Photo: Cowra & District Great War Honor Roll, located outside the Cowra Services Club