There are a few places along the mountains where you can catch a movie. They range from cosy cinemas offering independent film releases, to larger theatres where the latest blockbusters are on show.

Recently I headed along to Mt Vic Flicks on a Sunday night to catch a newly released Australian movie. For me there is something about this cinema in particular that is both enticing and comforting. As I walked in on a fresh autumn night, I was immediately drawn to the brightly lit snack bar where there was freshly made soup on offer (tomato, lentil & coriander with buttered bread as an option). I wasn’t even aware I was hungry until I smelt it, and happily sat down with a cup full of steaming, fragrant soup. It was delicious. Around me other movie-goers were enjoying the choc-tops which are also made on site. The cinema is locally owned and it has a great, friendly atmosphere.

There is something quite special for me about the sense of timelessness that comes with watching a movie in a theatre. You are here for a specific purpose. There are no interruptions (usually) and you can allow yourself to really focus on the movie, letting it have all of your attention instead of the disruptions that may happen if trying to watch something from start to finish at home.

I like watching the trailers, tossing up if any of the upcoming shows are of interest. Then, as the lights dim, I settle into the red vinyl seat and let myself get lost in the storylines, the swirl of music and dialogue and action. There is something too about the shared experience of watching a movie with others, even if most of them are strangers. Knowing that your reaction – of shock, amazement, humour – is a communal one. And when the movie came to an end, there was a bit of loitering amongst the theatre-goers, keeping a watchful eye on the credits in case there were any more surprises to be had.

Do you go out to the movies?

[Photo:  glimpse of the snack bar at Mt Vic Flicks]