My I Spy: Something Beginning with ‘A’

One of my favourite blogs is Pip Lincoln’s Meet Me At Mike’s. I discovered Pip by chance after hearing her being interviewed on a podcast. At first, I must confess, I thought something like ‘ho hum, another crafty person’ but that was way off the mark. Pip is extraordinary in many ways and her book, Craft for the Soul, is a creative and inspiring balm in a nerve-jangling world.

In a recent post, Pip started to play I Spy. And she invited other people to join in. There are no rules, only loose guidelines. Weekly posts or photos or whatever format you like – you can read the guidelines here. It got me thinking about what is around me, in an alphabetical kind of way. So I’m going to give it a go, using images of what I have around me, and what I come across in my meanderings.

A is for Apple
A is for Apple

A is for Apples

An obvious starting point, perhaps. I almost always have apples at home. My favourite are Granny Smith apples, particularly when they have that heady mix of tartness and sweetness. Good to eat as is, or to stew slowly and have on porridge or baked rice pudding.

Artwork by Catherine Rose
Artwork by Catherine Rose

A is for Art

These two mini canvases, ‘Pink Peonies’ and ‘Agapanthas’ are by Catherine Rose, an artist based in the Lithgow area. I discovered them at the K Gallery in Lithgow run by the enthusiastic Karen Matthews. These paintings have brightened my kitchen through the winter months when blooms are elusive in a mountain garden.

Ashtray at the Hydro Majestic
Ashtray at the Hydro Majestic

A is for Ashtray

I spotted this at the Hydro Majestic Pavillion this week whilst browsing for a gift for a friend. It is just one piece of a plethora of memorabilia from the Hydro Majestic on display.

And now to start spying for B …

12 thoughts on “My I Spy: Something Beginning with ‘A’

  1. Oo! I like this game and I’d love to play. Shall devote my Saturday post to it and will link you and Meet Me At Mike’s (I have Bloglovin app so will add Pip via that app). Those apples look crunchilicious!

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