My I Spy: Something beginning with ‘D’

In the past week I have been nearly spoilt for choice as I have kept an eye out for ‘D’ objects on my travels. A drive through the Megalong Valley on Saturday including spotting daffodils (they are just coming out and are beautiful) as well as donkeys resting in a paddock. Unfortunately the donkeys had scarpered by the time I had a chance to return to photograph them. So here is what I have spotted instead.

Dogs and doorknockers @ Katoomba
Dogs and Door-knockers

Dogs and Door-knockers

How could I resist? Two for one! Spotted this window at Katoomba featuring some impressive door-knockers, including two kookaburras on the far right, as well as cast iron dogs.

The Drummer
The Drummer


This fine figurine was given to me by my brother who has a knack for quirky presents which become treasures. The air of concentration combined with the attention to detail make me smile whenever I spot him. March to your own beat.

Doorways at Elizabeth Farm, Parramatta
Doorways at Elizabeth Farm

Doorways at Elizabeth Farm

One of my enduring obsessions when I’m looking to take a photo in a house is to frame a room with a doorway. Elizabeth Farm at Parramatta is the oldest colonial house in Sydney and is one of the most welcoming house museums I have been in. The furniture is modelled on the style of the relevant periods but it is replica – you are encouraged to sit, touch and relax in the surroundings. The shape of the house with its separate kitchen, servants quarters and courtyard provided many opportunities for photos of doorways. This is from the dining room looking through the entrance and into the drawing-room, the final door looking out onto the garden. A delight.

Diorama at Hydro Majestic Pavilion
Diorama at Hydro Majestic Pavilion

Diorama at Hydro Majestic Pavilion

This diorama contains a model version of the Hydro Majestic, reinforcing the sheer scope of the motel as it clings onto a kilometre of escarpment. It is located on the remnants of the old stage, and behind it are doors and screens from earlier periods.

With thanks again to Pip Lincolne for prompting me to play with her post, and my eagle-eyed blogger on this search, Autumn. And now I’m looking out for ‘E’.

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16 thoughts on “My I Spy: Something beginning with ‘D’

    1. It sure is. I’m a little obsessed with it … There is an older post called ‘It’s just … a little crush’ on 11 April which gives a bit of the history of the motel. It fascinates me!


  1. what an original set of Ds! and inspiring too. the drummer boy? I simply love him – what a character! all made my Friday feel more hopeful somehow 🌞

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    1. Me too! Years ago I lived on a rural property and there was a donkey in residence. He didn’t mind the odd treat but treated newcomers with a rather wary disdain. His presence was comforting after a while and I missed him when I moved.


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