My I Spy: Something beginning with ‘F’

I am sitting here, wearing a forest-green top, my mind a flurry of fuzzy thoughts on recent sightings of ‘F’ related items. Without further ado, here I go.

Fish plate
Fish plate


This might seem an obvious place to start but it takes me on a bit of a tangent. The fish above is a ceramic plate that my Mum recently spotted for me and its bright colours drew my eye. I have been thinking of fish a bit lately as there is a lovely painting of Japanese fish in one of my favourite cafes in Katoomba. When I call in to order a morning coffee, I spend a happy minute or two just staring at this painting with its bright flashes of colour and movement. The fish draw the eye, but I also find some sort of meditative calm in staring at the bubbles stirred up by their swirling movements. I find it mesmerising and, like the Peace Monument in Katoomba, one of those moments when I can focus on what is in front of me in a pleasant, mindful trance.

Fireplace at Wyalong Museum
Fireplace at Wyalong Museum


Cool mountain winters mean that most places up here have fireplaces or sturdy heating systems to get through the cold nights which can happen at any time of year. This fireplace was spotted further afield, in the excellent museum at Wyalong. Wyalong is in the wheat belt of NSW, and there were significant gold finds at the end of the 19th century. Larger deposits were found a few kilometres away at West Wyalong, and this is where the main town now is. But it was at Wyalong that the original administrative heart of the town was located, and the museum is in the old court house. The fireplace is ornate, as befits the status of its location, and I like the accompanying instructions on the art of the coal fire.

Froggy friends
Froggy friends


Couldn’t resist this duo of garden frogs. The large frog is looking particularly dapper in his shirt and tie, although his pose remains relaxed.



The quality of life in the mountains would not be possible without the continued care and dedication of the many rural fire brigade volunteers who keep us safe not only during bushfire season but all through the year by minimising danger wherever they can.

Next I’m off to hunt for good things beginning with G. Thanks again to Pip Lincolne for the idea prompt, and you can spot earlier posts here: A, B, C, D and E. Keep an eye out, too, for what fellow spy Autumn is up to, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the wonderfully artistic Michelle Genders will be spying on Instagram from the end of September.

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