If working my way through the alphabet, in an I Spy fashion, was like taking a ride on a roller coaster, I imagine that I would be about to crest the top of the largest descent. There is a curious feeling of momentum, along with a delicious sense of the very real possibility of some free-falling. This is what I’ve spied recently beginning with L.

Lithgow Mural, Eskbank Street
Lithgow Mural, Eskbank Street


As a child travelling out west with my family, Lithgow was one of the places that we passed through on the way to somewhere else. In my – admittedly selective – memory, it always seemed to be dark, cold and hung over with smoke or mist. Probably not a fair recollection, and not what I think of now that I know the place a little better. What I really like about Lithgow is the town’s rich industrial heritage, which can still be glimpsed at the Blast Furnace Park, or remembered in an artistic sense along Inch Street as you head towards Eskbank House. Its identity is entwined in coal mining and railways and unions and solidarity, and this is glimpsed in the murals above, located on a bridge over the railway in Eskbank Street.



This was a surprise gift from a friend who recently returned from an extensive trip through the UK and Europe. I love the colour and design and it just makes me smile. Luscious!


This little light, in an art deco style, was a find at Vinnies a couple of years back. It is in my living room and I like to have it on, softly glowing in the background.


This magnificent lion guards the entrance to the botanical gardens at Ballarat. I spent one of the happiest Sundays in recent memory wandering around these beautiful gardens with my Mum.

Have you spotted anything lovely starting with L this week? If you are enjoying I Spy, keep an eye out for atman.art.studio on Instagram for some great spy photos.