My I Spy: something beginning with ‘O’

Onwards I go, spying my way through the alphabet. I am now officially in the second half of the search and my mind remains on the lookout for objects both curious and mundane. This is what I’ve spotted beginning with O.



A few years back there seemed to be an obsession with owl objects. I’m not sure why, it was just one of those moments when all of a sudden they seemed to be everywhere. I wasn’t immune to this trend, and one of my favourite nick-nacks is a small owl covered in mosaic tiles that I spotted in Scotland.  The three owls pictured above were part of a birthday gift, and they are firmly ensconced in my study where they keep a watchful eye, mostly, on what I get up to. The fact that they are green only makes them more delightful to me.

Oxley Cottage at Camden


John Oxley was a surveyor and explorer in early colonial Australia. This image of him is located on a small cottage near Camden, and Oxley received a large land grant in this area. One of his many roles was as Surveyor General of New South Wales and he is famous for his inland expeditions, which included the discovery of Tweed River and exploration of the Macquarie River and marshes. This cottage, known as John Oxley Cottage, is a workman’s cottage built on land that was part of the original land grant to Oxley. It is now used as a visitor information centre.

Ostrich at Mudgee


This ostrich was spotted at a beautifully appointed bed and breakfast in Mudgee. It was one of an assortment of animals, including a donkey and several turkeys. The gardens were lovely, rambling affairs with several sections including a large vegetable and herb garden. A joy to explore with a little creek at the back of the property.

Oil Burner

Oil Burner

One of my rituals is to light this little oil burner before I write my morning pages. It usually has a few drops of bush oil, containing eucalyptus and myrtle amongst other scents. It has been a trusty companion as I have written hundreds of thousands of words.

Pop over and have a look at what Autumn has spied beginning with O, as well as keeping a sharp owl-like eye on atman.art.studio on Instagram.

Have you spotted any objects beginning with O lately?

9 thoughts on “My I Spy: something beginning with ‘O’

  1. I am getting too greedy and just want to be able to scroll down and scroll down for more and more. Your see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil owls are most unusual and are quite superior to my copper monkeys. Love all your photos too.

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