Flash Fiction: 100 Words – Superpower

No-one suspects an older woman. Especially one who has reached an invisible status. She had felt a creeping despair when she realised that people – men in particular – would rarely acknowledge her existence. No longer worthy of an assessing glance, there was an anger at first which mellowed as she realised that there may be some benefits. As a child the superpower she most admired was invisibility, and now she had it. She tested this new power with small acts of theft and deception. Being able to fade into the background was a blessing. Her wildest dreams were now within reach.

[Photo: near Parliament House in Wellington, New Zealand]

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: 100 Words – Superpower

  1. Invisibility has been a major topics in all great Science Fiction and Phantasy literature. So your 100-word story goes far beyond the plight of an old lady. It contains an important message for all of us.Have a great day!

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  2. So evocative and interesting. We’ve seen “be careful what you wished for,” but this allows for some appreciation of it (no matter how nefarious her aims might be). I really enjoyed this.

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  3. Nice piece of flash fiction – and one I too can relate to. However, whenever I mention this “invisibility” thing to my 88-year-old mother, she denies it. Lucky her, eh? Actually, I think she doesn’t quite understand what I’m talking about. She says, people are very kind to older people. I say, yes they are – when they notice you, that is!! Haha.

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