100 Words: The Love of Writing

When did it start for you, the love of writing? I can hardly remember when the shape of letters didn’t mean something to me. Later it was the arrangement of the letters into words, words into sentences to convey something that I could see clearly in my mind. I remember being mortified yet delighted at being asked to read one of my creative writing pieces out to an assembly at primary school. Writing provided a passport to other places and times, and could be shared with a wider audience or kept close to my chest if needed. How about you?

Inspired by a writing prompt: 100 words on the love of writing.

[Photo: writing notebook]

6 thoughts on “100 Words: The Love of Writing

  1. I wrote my first story, when I was in grade 2. Barely able to form letters, I was fascinated by the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings. It was the start of a life-long passion.

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