Five Photos: St Kilda, Melbourne

After a couple of overcast days, the sun shone along the beach at St Kilda. There was an energetic wind, which was put to good use by kitesurfers.

Kitesurfers at St Kilda

Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, uses the power of the wind to propel across water. It can also be used on land or snow.

An airborne kitesurfer at St Kilda

There was something mesmerising about watching the crescent-shaped kites soar, with sharp ascents and descents along the way. The surfers had some athletic moves and it was impressive to watch them fly, hanging in the air for seconds before splashing back into the sea.

A tern on St Kilda pier

St Kilda is a popular tourist destination, and there were lots of people in the water and promenading along the pier. There was also a tern, gripping fast to the railing as the wind buffeted it about.

Mosaic along St Kilda beach

There are lots of attractions along this stretch of beach, and some of them are shown in this mosaic.

Catani Commemorative Clock Tower, St Kilda

Along the other side of the road, past the St Kilda Sea Baths, was a clock tower. It is the Catani Commemorative Clock Tower, named for a highly respected Chief Engineer of the Public Works Department. Catani’s last project was the reclamation of the St Kilda foreshore.

[Photo: kite surfs above St Kilda, Melbourne]

4 thoughts on “Five Photos: St Kilda, Melbourne

    1. Thank you so much, Peter. It was such a joy to watch them and I found it mesmerising as they flew and fell as the wind eddied around them. It looked like great fun for those athletic enough to manage it!

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