Mindful Meandering in Melbourne

Recently I was in Melbourne for a couple of days, and a highlight was having a wander around the Docklands waterfront. Urban renewal is evident with lots of high rise buildings towering over the Yarra River.

Buildings along the Yarra River at Docklands

It was a treat to come across some sculpture near a small park close to the corner of Tom Thumb Lane. The different laneways are another feature, some of them harking back to earlier times when the area was bristling with wharfs before containerisation of the shipping traffic had an impact, such as Seafarer Lane, Fishplate Lane and Import Lane.

Sculpture near Tom Thumb Lane, Docklands Melbourne

There are parks dotted throughout the urban area, including lots of play areas for kids encouraging exploration and adventures.

Boat pods in a park in Docklands

What really made my day was coming across the Docklands Community Garden. This volunteer-run garden was an oasis of flowers, fruit and vegetables amidst the urban surroundings. It was a delight to meander around the garden, soaking in the scent of herbs and flowers on a summer afternoon.

Docklands Community Garden

It has been such a hot, dry summer and it was invigorating to be in a lush garden, watching birds and butterflies flit about. I found the sunflowers to be irresistible. The passing of time didn’t matter, and it was a memory that stayed with me long after the moment was over.

Sunflowers – I simply cannot resist them

When was the last time you had a mindful meander?

{Photo: cosmos in bloom}

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