It was a question that they asked each other regularly. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? This opened up a discussion that would linger over days. They’d analyse various powers, with merits and disadvantages argued back and forth. Like a cherished toy, the topic would be picked up, polished and put down again, but always remained on the cusp of their consciousness.

Jamie wanted to fly. He was always the first to climb a tree or ascend a ladder, and had no fear of heights. Even after he’d tumbled down off the garage and broken his arm, there was something about getting a bird’s-eye view of the world that kept calling to him to reach higher.

For Finlay, it was the ability to duplicate herself that was the favourite. This wasn’t as popular with the other two, but then they didn’t have parents who lived in different parts of the city. It was easy to focus on the good stuff, like having two homes and two bedrooms. But there was also a sense of not really belonging anywhere, of always having to pack up and go, and needing to remember the slightly different rules at each place. And feeling like you never really got it quite right.

As the eldest of five children, Connor wanted to be invisible. He wanted to be able to simply fade out of a room when he was asked to help with bath time or one of the younger kids had an assignment that they needed some guidance to complete. He was used to making decisions and organising games, but occasionally, he got tired of the noise and just wanted to be somewhere on his own, to move through a crowd without being seen. But the reality was that someone always seemed to find him, no matter how hard he tried to disappear.

Is there a superpower you’d love to have?

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Photo: black swan in flight