A favourite quote, like a line from a song or a poem, has the ability to capture the essence of something which can otherwise be hard to define. But it is something which is felt, and coming across the expression clearly defined can be accompanied by a sense of satisfaction.

One of my favourite quotes is by Desiderius Erasmus:

The desire to write grows with writing.

There are times when I forget that it is by sitting down and writing something out that I work out just what it is that I’m thinking about a situation. And the more I write, the better connected I feel with what is going on around me. The writing will lead to more writing, as thoughts start to tumble, and inspiration seems to appear with greater frequency and clarity than when I’m not writing.

Do you have a favourite quote?

I’m participating in this blogging challenge for the month of January, which supports starting the year on the “write” track. You can find out more about the challenge, join in and read other posts here.

Photo: phrenology head spotted at a market