Bloganuary Day 26: What is your favourite part about yourself?

Favourites, regardless of the category, are subjective and changeable. I was tempted to go with my hands. There is nothing special about them, but they deserve recognition for the endless services they perform.

But my favourite part of myself at this time is my mind. Participating in a blog challenge such as this one puts extra pressure on neglected parts of my mind to come with up with something each day. This is in addition to its usual workload of simply getting me through each 24-hour cycle, which it continues to do with creativity and humour. Not all suggestions are heeded or welcome, but I appreciate its endeavours.

The way we each think and approach a situation, understood in the context of what we have experienced before or imagined, is unique. I love my mind’s ability to come up with a solution to most of the challenges I throw at it.

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.

William S Burroughs

I’m participating in this blogging challenge for the month of January, which supports starting the year on the “write” track. You can find out more about the challenge, join in and read other posts here.

Photo: a cloud

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