Bloganuary Day 31: Where is the best place to watch a sunset near you?

Now in the west the colours change,
The blue with crimson blending;

Sunset viewed from Mount Victoria looking over the Hartley Valley

Behind the far Dividing Range,
The sun is fast descending.

Sunset viewed from Mitchell’s Lookout, Mount Victoria

And mellowed day comes o’er the place,
And softens ragged edges;

Sunset in the Hartley Valley

The rising moon’s great placid face
Looks gravely o’er the ledges.

Sunset in Main Street, Lithgow

Excerpt from The Blue Mountains by Henry Lawson

I’m participating in this blogging challenge for the month of January, which supports starting the year on the “write” track. You can find other posts with #bloganuary and join in the challenge. 

And as this is the final daily prompt, I’d like to say thank you to the prompt creators, the writers who participated in the challenge, and the people who read the posts. And a special thanks to those who also provided feedback – it means so very much.

[Photo: backyard sunset]

4 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 31: Where is the best place to watch a sunset near you?

  1. I would say, the drive along the. Coast because you either feel like you’re driving directly into it while at other times it appears the movement of the car is changing the colors…

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